Social Firms Scotland was constituted in May 2000 as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. It was born out of a recognition that if Social Firms were to develop they required a landscape that understood and supported the concept. An organisation was required that provided a voice for the sector, that would be a pioneer and begin to pull together both people’s understanding and give a focus to people’s efforts.

“We strongly value the right of everyone to work and believe Social Firms are a real and sustainable solution to creating employment and meanginful work opportunities for people furthest from the labour market.”

Our Team

Pauline Graham: CEO


07738 061925
Pauline is responsible for overall strategic performance, development of initiatives, funding, financial management,
supporting staff and increasing the profile of the organisation.
Jayne Chappell: Finance and Development Manager


0131 225 4178 | 07738 061961
Jayne’s responsibilities include financial management, managing/co-coordinating membership, information and resources for the organisation as well as providing front line support, assisting with communications and fulfilling the Company Secretary role.  Jayne also facilitates the Employability SEN.
Janice Nicol: Social Firms Business Advisor


0781 224 1136
Janice provides business development support and capacity building to existing and emerging Social Firms as well as support and advice to organisations who want to develop businesses to create employment for their client group.
Board Members
  • John McManus (Chair) – MCM Associates
  • Gordon Lee– Consultant (associate member)
  • Karen Craig – Workforce Creation (full member)
  • Sean Connor – The Wheatley Group (associate member)
  • Thane Lawrie – SCARF (full member)
  • Carol Montgomery – Hansel (full member)

Get in touch

We are always available to talk to via email or phone and are happy to accommodate whichever communication method you prefer.                   0131 225 4178 sfs@socialfirms.org.uk

Edinburgh Head Office

Registered Office:

21 Walker Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7HX Scotland

Glasgow Office:

24 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1EG Scotland