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If you are interested in becoming a member of Social Firms Scotland please download the relevant membership form below and email it back to us.


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  • Our library of resources dedicated to the start-up, operation and development of Social Firms including Impact Measurement tools
  • Business Development Support at all stages of development
  • Funded study visits to other Social Firms/enterprises throughout Scotland. These encourage peer-led learning and invaluable networking opportunities between our members
  • A voice for the Social Firm sector; representing members and influencing at a national and local level to ensure a supportive policy environment for Social Firm development
  • Promotion through our ebulletins which reach a diverse and large audience across the country; tailored Members’ Briefings highlighting current opportunities and a spotlight presentation of our members on our website
  • Consultation on proposed developmental changes to public policy

Associate members are kept up to date with progress and developments from SFS and our members through our regular ebulletins and briefings and are also invited to take part in a number of our public events throughout the year.

“COPE Ltd really appreciates the support it receives from Social Firms Scotland. From policy advice to mentorship and problem solving SFS will respond to your needs and work towards finding the best support networks it can for you. The support you receive and the connections you make will help your organisation become stronger.”

Ingrid Webb, CEO, COPE Ltd

List of Full Members
List of Associate Members