Social Firms Scotland is the national support body for Social Firms in Scotland. A Social Firm is a specific type of Social Enterprise where the social mission is to create employment, work experience, training and volunteering opportunities for people who face significant barriers to employment – in particular, people with a disability (including mental ill health and learning disabilities) a substance abuse issue, a prison record, a homelessness issue and young people.


Social Enterprise Census

First Ever Census Reveals Major Impact of Scotland’s Social Enterprises


Mental Health Strategy Development

Read Social Firms Scotland’s response to Scottish Government’s feedback request

Great advice for Community Cafes regarding numerous aspects of the operation, from the @BIGScotland blog day ago
Small businesses UK from @GoldmanSachs is now open, helping unlock the potential of socents and SMEs days ago
DNDP is a high end, competitive, secure courier service dedicated to enabling people with disabilities to become self-employed. The freedom to work flexibly helps DNDP partners/people to improve their day to day life and lead by example on a local and national level by actively contributing to society